Mid Century Walnut and Brass 8 Star Lamp *SOLD*

This stunning walnut and brass lamp steals the show as far as we are concerned. The 8-star shade adds an incredible amount of dimension and shape to the piece. Way cooler than your standard cylindrical shade. 

The walnut base and top are in excellent condition as noted in the photos. 

We believe the lamp was recorded decades ago as the vintage cord has a dimmer switch attached to it. The lamp base also has a dimmer knob, but it appears the updated cord bypasses the knob and lighting is controlled by the dial on the cord. No functional issues at all, but unless you care enough to record the lamp again, the knob on the base is non-functional.

Shade shows very well with only minor markings that can easily be concealed by simply rotating that portion of the shade toward the wall. Check out the pictures to see just how stunning this piece is and to get an overall sense for size and scale. 

size: 38.5" Tall x 12" Diameter

email: hi@midandmod.com