Eames DCM Chairs (6 total) for Herman Miller

The Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair, known as DCM, is a classic example of the Eameses philosophy. "Honest materials and simple design".

These chairs established a foundation for future modern design. They were named the 10th Best Design of the 20th Century by Time Magazine, the runner up being the steam locomotive. 

These chairs are in good condition. The chrome frames shine brightly and show know signs of pitting, rust, or neglect.  The wood seats and backs show signs of gentle use. Light scratches from jean pockets and a few chairs have some small veneer chips on the edge about the size of a grain of rice. Overall they show wonderfully and we do not think refinishing them is warranted or needed.  The only way to find a better set would be to purchase them new for nearly $800/chair. 

Each chair has an authentic Herman Miller sticker on the bottom of the seat so you can be assured they are true HM pieces and not cheap Chinese knock-offs. 

The shock mounts are in perfect working order and need not be replaced. Each chair is structurally solid. 

email: hi@midandmod.com to purchase