Mid Century Modern Bookcase *SOLD*

For your consideration is this classic mid century modern, and repurposed, hutch-top from a mid century sideboard. These are often used as bookcases, sideboards, or display cabinets to show off your decor. Or obviously you could throw it on top of your mid century sideboard to have a completed wall unit. 

This vintage display is in good condition with signs of use and imperfections noted in the photos. 

We are not sure of the wood species, possibly rosewood, or magoganey. 

It also comes with four sliding glass doors that cover the entire face. We removed them for pictures as the reflection off the glass was distracting. Easy to pop in or pop out as you desire. 

Not much else to say about it as the pictures do most of the talking. 


72" L x 30" H x 12" D

email: hi@midandmod.com to purchase