Eames DAX Sea Foam Rope Edge Chairs *SOLD*

Amazing condition on this first edition Eames shell chair, manufactured by Zenith plastics in 1950 and distributed by Herman Miller. The original Zenith label is still in tact on both chairs and verifies this is a true first year chair.

The rope edge carries around the entire perimeter of the chair. The sea foam shells are in very good condition with no chips or breaks, and only very minor signs of use expected with any vintage piece. Arguably some of the cleanest rope edges chairs on the market, and even more special because they are in the coveted sea foam (seriously look around online and you'll agree that virtually all other sea foams show significantly more wear).

Black Metal legs show typical minor scuffing, but much less than other Eames chairs we’ve had in the past. All four domes of silence still in tact, one set with a heavier patina than the other. Hockey puck sized shock mounts are original and in excellent condition showing no signs of breaking down or compromise. 

100% original.

This truly is a piece for the collectors out there. Eames chairs are a dime a dozen, but the Zenith rope chairs have gone up in value every year for 67 years, they're that collectible and coveted.