Complete set of Limited Production Herman Miller Walnut Tops *SOLD*

 In 2009 Herman Miller contracted with KleinReid studios to produce a series of Walnut Tops for a limited production run. From Klein Reid’s archive:

We were thrilled when asked to design a group of objects for the Herman Miller Select Program. 

We drew inspiration from Ray and Charles Eames' gigantic toy collection - calling them "avid" collectors puts it mildly! We sifted through cataloged toys, games, folk art and models and spent an afternoon at their case study home in Pacific Palisades, CA. We quickly fell in love with their tops, from primitive to refined, amassed from around the world (and featured in their film "Tops" of course). 

Back in our studio we set to work creating shapes and making models. The trio is turned solid walnut and celebrates silhouette, material and most importantly - PLAY! They're intriguing at rest and addictive in use. 

The limited-edition trio of original KR shapes is hand-turned in the US.

We are the only dealer in the world with a complete set of all six tops, making this an incredibly rare offering. Serious collectors will understand this very likely is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we know how silly and exaggerative that is to say, but it is also likely true.