Mint Arne Vodder FD-164 Highback Reclining Chair

Don't ask us how this authentic Arne Vodder FD-164 high back reclining chair has survived the last 50 years virtually unscathed. We can surely say this is the best quality you will find anywhere in the country. I mean, just take a look at the pictures to see the beautiful coloring of the teak, the flawless joinery, and the perfectly functioning reclining mechanism

The chair can be positioned in three various settings (see photos showing each position); upright, slanted, and lounge. The best things about the reclining feature of this chair is that the back rest of the chair does not reach farther back as the chair is further reclined. Meaning, you can have the chair positioned up against a wall in the upright position, and be able to fully move it to the reclined position without having to pull the chair off the wall. Super convenient and provides maximum flexibility in where you decide to put the chair. 

The chair retains its appropriate France and Davoreksen makers emblem as well as a Jon Stuart badge as Stuart was responsible for importing the chair from Denmark to the US.

The cushions feature the super rare interior spring support which is how this chair was originally produced, a much more expensive upgrade over foam. Take note of the perforated holes on the rear side of each cushion. This ensures air can properly flow through the cushion and further exemplifies the quality craftsmanship of the piece. 

The fabric is in near mint condition. We believe it to be a microfiber and is very easily cleaned and pet/kid tolerant. As these are simple box covers, you could cheaply and easily have a new set of covers made down the road if you felt so inclined. 

The top headrest joins to the back cushion by a convenient, yet invisible, zipper system. 

Okay, enough talking. Click through all the pictures and see how stunning this chair is.