Henry Rosengren Hansen Substantial Teak Sideboard *SOLD*

Designed by Henry Rosengren Hansen and produced in collaboration with Skovby and Faarup, this stunning teak sideboard is a big statement for your living room. 

At 87" long this is as big as it is beautiful. The two sliding doors, when pushed together feature a beautiful bookmatched grain that carries consistently across the doors. Proving the meticulous thought and care that went in to designing this piece. 

Five louvered drawers in the center provide dimensions and depth, especially the recessed sculpted pulls. 

Fully finished backside means this piece can float in the middle of a room if desired and act as a room divider. 

Internally the sideboard is lined with mahogoney and teak. Three adjustable shelves for the cabinet compartments provide a ton of flexibility for storage. The shelves can be seen resting in the picture of the opened right cabinet. 

It has a beautifully rich patina and an even, hand-oiled, finish

As is the case with any piece there are minor imperfections that could be found upon a very close and thorough inspection. Most notably, a piece of repaired veneer above the right sliding door handle. From any reasonable viewing distance no imperfections would be discernible, so unless your guests awkwardly look at your pieces they will think this is like new. 


86" L x 32" H x 18.5" D