Terrible Furniture Vol 1: Rosewood Desk

A little piece of me dies inside every time I stumble upon a beautiful piece of furniture that has been destroyed by the current owner. Since this problem seems all too common, I figured it only makes sense to begin a series on this blog post titled "Terrible Furniture" highlighting some of the worst postings on the Seattle Craigslist. 

Up this week on the chopping block is this rosewood desk...

At first glance it doesn't look too bad, but a closer inspection makes me want to facepalm myself so hard my hand actually goes all the way through my face. Kinda like this: 

The desk, on it's own accord, has pretty sexy lines and the rosewood has some incredible coloring and grain. Unforunately, whoever decided to restore this mid century stunner went a little above-and-beyond the call of duty when it came to applying the protective coat. I mean look at the gloss on this sucker. It looks like the desk was coated with about 3" of resin...


Every angle shows a new imperfection in the finish. It looks wavy in some spots. Uneven in others. Awkwardly glossy. Fingerprints and smudge marks can't be missed. 

I can't imagine how many gallons of stripper one would need to purchase to remove this desk's unsightly finish coat. 

But hey, if you have $600 to spend, this rosewood desk that has been dunked in a hot tub of resin can be all yours. 



A little more about me

Here I am. Writing my first legitimate post on a website that I know no one is yet reading. This is particularly odd for me considering I just sold my first blog that was read by 30,000 people a month. And now, here I am, writing to myself. And I guess if you stumbled upon this, I'm writing to you as well. 

My first blog, Punch Debt In The Face, was a personal finance blog I created in 2009. I had a ton of student loan debt ($28,000) and needed to find a way to get out of it. My blog served as a personal diary of my journey out of debt and in to financial freedom. 

Over the next six years, I would write 1,175 posts for that blog. Be featured on The New York Times. Wall Street Journal. And Forbes to name a few. My wife and I were flown out to appear on the Steve Harvey Show to talk about our personal finances and how we managed our money. No really, we were. Here's photographic evidence...

But after six years of writing about 401k's, savings, debt, and all things personal finance I had nothing left to say. It was time to move on. 

And here we are.  

It hasn't even been 24 hours since the sale of my personal finance blog, and what am I doing?


It's crazy, and I'm crazy. 


My plans for Mid & Mod are simple. 

  • Post pretty furniture for sale. 
  • Blog about whatever the heck I want. Sometimes this will be furniture, sometimes this will be about my family, and sometimes it might even be about personal finance. 
  • Interact with whoever comes my way. Drop a comment. Let me know someone out there is reading this. I'll write back, I pinky promise :)

I look forward to establishing a name for myself in the world of mid century furniture and interior design. Oh, and since I have a kid (and another on the way) I guess that officially makes me a Daddy Blogger, which I hear is a pretty rare breed. Eat your heart out Emily Henderson :p



Hey, this is a blog ;)

I've been spending all my free time getting this website up and running and trying to establish myself on Instagram and gain some exposure to a national market. As those two things work themselves out, you can expect to find random musings from myself here. Sometimes about furniture. Sometimes about my life. And sometimes about Personal Finance, I really love personal finance :)